How we work

Our goal is to help our clients create beautiful, functional spaces with thoughtful creativity, and to save them time, money, aggravation and worry with honesty, clear planning and efficient management. We also want everyone to enjoy themselves!

We strive to be the filter through which our clients’ visions are expressed. We ask questions and listen carefully to the answers, for whether developing a single piece of furniture or an entire home, the processes and standards remain the same. We are mindful that our clients’ vision, programmatic necessities and budget requirements must all be addressed with equal consideration.

Our services are available “a la carte”, so clients can request as much or as little help as they would like. Maybe a color consultation or advice on freshening a single room is all that’s needed. Or perhaps plans are afoot to build a brand new home or office – in which case the earlier we are involved, the more useful we can be!

Design & Master Planning

• Our clients draw on our skills in space planning, interior architecture, lighting design, color and finish specification, furniture layout, and design of furniture and window treatments to create a master plan that reflects their hopes, ideas and requirements for the space.

• Coordinating the planning process between our clients, ourselves, and other professionals (architects, builders, subcontractors, cabinetmakers, workrooms, etc.) allows us to help our clients create realistic budgets and timelines, and in general to have a clearer understanding of the process.

• Our use of appropriate design software such as Revit, AutoCad, SketchUp and Photoshop – or simple hand-drawings and color boards – facilitates clear communication with colleagues and clients, and allows our clients to participate fully in the design process and envision the end results.

Sourcing & Purchasing

• Clients who choose to buy through us save time, energy and money by allowing us to recommend specific fabrics, furniture and soft furnishings, and deal with the details involved in purchase orders, expediting, packaging, tracking, and delivery. We will also take the legwork out of finding accessories, artwork, rugs and any other items needed to complement and complete the space.

• We offer discounts on all to-the-trade items and provide detailed quotes for any prospective purchases.

Custom – If custom-built furniture or cabinets are an option, we offer access to some of Maine’s finest craftspeople, and collaborate with them to ensure that our clients receive unique pieces that are structurally sound, ergonomically correct and fall within budget.

• When necessary, our clients can rely on us to develop drawings, specifications, change orders, and any other pertinent information to help with problem solving and facilitate a smooth progression toward project completion.

Project Management

We monitor construction of custom furniture and window treatments, so our clients are assured of receiving exactly what they are looking for, and arrange for receiving, delivery and installation of all items to make sure they’re perfect and in place.

• We make site visits as necessary to manage the myriad details and complexities that almost always arise.

• Our online project management interface allows clients and colleagues ongoing access to information regarding their projects, and the ability to be in touch with us and each other at all times.


In recent years, many clients have shown a preference for value based (i.e. fixed) fee contracts, which we are happy to offer once we are sure that we all understand and agree on the nature and scope of any particular project. Otherwise, clients may choose to be billed on an hourly fee basis (we can usually provide a cost range), with an initial retainer applied to the final invoice.

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